Dental CT View



Dental CT View is a Dental CT and CBCT Viewer compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods. It is optimised for pre-viewing dental computed tomography (CT) and cone beam CT (CBCT) scans and treatment plans associated with dental implants, on your iOS device.

Dental CT View is not a medical device and is not suitable for primary diagnosis.

Dental CT View displays images which are pre-computed using CE-marked radiological workstations and delivered to your device for convenient and rapid viewing.

Dental CT View protects patient data using an encrypted file transfer process which requires a password to prevent unauthorised access. This gives you secure wireless and portable access to your patient’s images and treatment plans wherever and whenever you need to view them.

Dental CT View is specifically designed for dentists to demonstrate treatment proposals to their patients, providing panoramic, cross section and 3D viewing in a convenient and intuitive format.

You can try Dental CT View using the demo account, which contains anonymised patient data - just clear the Login and Password, and tap View Scans.

Login Screen


Enter your secure login details and tap View Scans to list and download your CT/CBCT scans. The app will remember your Login so you need only enter your Password the next time you launch Dental CT View.


Scans List




Dental CT View may be used to display a “Gallery” of images captured from dental implant planning software such as Anatomage InVivo Dental or Simplant.

Zooming the screenshots

Fast forward or reverse

Panoramics and Cross Sections


Dental CT View can display a sequence of Cross-Sectional images, together with the Panoramic to which they are related. Tap the icon at the top of the screen, to the right of the filename, to display these images.

You can navigate through the Cross Sections as follows:

Zooming the images


Full screen panoramic image


Implant Centric Images


Implant Centric Images are oblique cross-sectional views that always pass through the long axis of the implant. As the oblique plane is rotated around the implant, new cross-sectional images are displayed. The implant is always at the centre of these images, so its relationship to the bone can be displayed from any angle.

Dental CT View can display a sequence of Implant Centric Images, together with the Axial to which they are related. Tap the “*” icon at the top of the screen, to the right of the filename, to enter Implant Centric mode. This icon will be greyed out or missing if there are no Implant Centric Views in the patient dataset.

You can navigate through the Implant Centric Images as follows:

Zooming the images

Switching to a different implant


3D Views


Stereo Views


Please make general comments about Dental CT View on the AppStore, where others will be able to see them.

For bug reports or requests for new features, please contact us.