About IDT Scans

IDT Scans is a trading name of Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd.

Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd was founded in 1991 specifically to address the difficulties in arranging and reformatting dental CT scans. Starting as a small company servicing the London area, we now work in conjunction with a network of Imaging Centres serving the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd provides radiological services such as organising CBCT or CT scans and reformatting the images to make them suitable for surgical planning. We also provide data conversion services and can convert most proprietary CBCT and CT formats to the DICOM standard. We also provide Implant Simulation and Treatment Planning services and can prepare STL files for 3D models and Surgical Drill Guides.

Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd trains and supports the radiographers at the Imaging Centres and provides them with detailed protocols specific to their CBCT or CT scanner model. The protocols are optimised to deliver the best possible image quality at a radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable. We refer a number of scans to each site and in this way can monitor the dose and image quality and have the power to negotiate the best possible rates.

Registered Office Address

Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd.
53 Windermere Road
London W5 4TJ

Registered in England and Wales Number 2653890

Registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 Number Z490831X

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